The Sales Success Formula

And Your Sales Blueprint: The Complete Sales Process


Our flagship workshop. Based on the High Output Sales System The Sales Success Blueprint is a powerful, street smart results focused experience that helps salespeople move through the entire sales process in a way that addresses real-world selling challenges that most sales training never even acknowledges. When you follow the process, you'll build deeper trust, establish value and closing sales is a pressure free, natural conclusion to a great conversation.

Your Complete Go To Market Action Plan

The Sales Success Formula is a full-scale, proactive communication plan that goes way beyond needs-based or consultative selling strategies to merge relationship skills with selling skills. This sales skills workshop focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation and provides the powerful road-map for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue.  This sales process transforms reactive sales efforts into an intuitive proactive system.
Virtual Selling Sales Process

Consistent Repeatable Process

The HiGH OUTPUT Sales Process allows salespeople to know where they are at every step in the sale allowing them to move the dialogue in the direction they need - managing the sale becomes much easier. This framework provides salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process to create deeper connection with their customers and to more effectively execute their sales conversations. You'll better understand customer needs, clearly articulate your differentiated value, and close more sales in less time at higher margin.

Learning Outcomes

Delivery Methods

Live Onsite | Virtual Instructor-Led | Self-Paced eLearning