Selling To Differnet Personalitites

Why Don't You Sell As I Buy?

Selling To Different Personality Styles


There are many skills, techniques and attributes making you a great sales or customer service person but your greatest strengths can also be your greatest weaknesses when communicating with someone who’s natural style is different to yours. The more you understand your own personality and the style of the person you’re communicating with, the more effective you can be in guiding them to a decision that’s right for them. In this course you’ll discover your strengths and potential shortcomings so you can learn to shift on the fly to meet customers from their perspective without a PhD in psychology.

Using The Sales Style Indicator

One size does not fit all. Your prospects are individuals with personalities as varied as their business needs, so a successful salesperson needs the ability to identify and sell to different personality types quickly and easily. In this course we utilize the Sales Style Indicator (SSI), a powerful communication tool that helps you and your team discover their natural selling (communicating) style while immediately providing a framework to determine a clients’ preferred buying style.   We'll help you identify your natural communication tendencies on three axis: Big Picture vs Detail | Task vs People | Verbal vs Non Verbal.   None of these or inherently positive or negative, but if you're a big picture focused person dealing with a detail oriented prospect you could miss a sale you were rightly qualified for simply because your focuse was different that theirs.   Participants identify their specific style pattern(s), to understand their strengths and potential challenges while at the same time understanding their customers orientations so they can be more effective in reaching those customers / stakeholders from their preferred style of receiving information, ultimately closing more sales.

Learning Outcomes

Delivery Methods

Onsite | Virtual Instructor-Led | Self Paced eLearning