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Custom Sales Training Workshops

The Right Training Dialed In To Drive Your Sales


Every company is different, so why should every sales training program be the same? Howard Olsen is known for the high level of custom tailoring of his sales training workshops to meet the individual needs of each client. Perhaps your sales playbook needs a rewrite or maybe you need fresh strategies to fend off a new competitor. Maybe you just need to refocus you value proposition and recharge your team. With so many factors shaping — and reshaping — your marketplace, it is not just possible, but probable, that the techniques you used yesterday simply aren't cutting it today. Howard Olsen and High Output delivers award-winning virtual sales training that is custom built and custom delivered to specifically address your unique sales challenges.

Developing Your Custom Sales Training Program

Beginning with the Pre-Program Questionnaire, Howard gathers information to help him understand your objectives, your organization, your competitive landscape the attendees and the challenges they face each day. He next schedules conference calls with you, key and key players that you want involved including a few participants in the training. After identifying important themes and specific messages you want to make sure get conveyed during your custom sales training program, Howard draws from hundreds of hours of material, 30 years of experience and the lessons from presenting to more than 1000 audiences to dial in your program. As a result of this process, you get Howard's best thinking, most relevant illustrations and powerful, actionable ideas.

Topics Of Focus

Let's Talk And Dial In The Right Program For You

Delivery Methods

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