The Virtual Selling Masterclass

The Complete Sales Process For A New Era


In these uncertain times, businesses that have clarified their value proposition and built a customer focused sales plan are much more likely to survive and thrive. Because we want to meet you where you are in this season, we are now live streaming the entire Sales Success Formula – Virtual Selling Masterclass to your home or office!

Five Weeks To A New Sales Playbook

Harness our proven sales process which has been taught to thousands of sales professionals. Optimized for live, virtual, online delivery , in 5 weekly sessions you will learn an iron-clad, street-smart virtual sales process and build your own personal Sales Blueprint that will get you closing more deals in less time at higher margin.

The Sales Success Formula With Technology

This workshop is a full-scale, proactive communication plan just like the original Sales Success Formula with an emphasis of using technologies to build trust, rapport and relevance. It goes way beyond needs-based or consultative selling strategies to merge relationship skills with selling skills. This sales skills workshop focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation and provides the powerful road-map for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue. This sales process transforms reactive sales efforts into an intuitive proactive system.
Virtual Selling Sales Process

Learning Outcomes