Recession Proof Selling

6 Strategies To Growing Your Sales In Any Market


It looks like a perfect storm. A global pandemic, people getting laid off, small businesses closing and companies cutting back. Economic downturns trigger layoffs and prompt business owners and salespeople to panic. But now is not the time to panic, now is the time to celebrate, dig in and double down on you sales efforts.. While your competitors are scaling back you have unprecedented opportunities to connect with prospective customers you've never had access to. Now is the time to sharpen your sales activities and capitalize on the opportunities you may not even realize are before you!

In this dynamic and engaging program, Howard will relate the lessons learned having gone through 3 serious recessions; tripling his business through each of them by simply addressing his own personal economy and the mindset around delivering extraordinary value to his clients. Your about to receive stories from the road with lessons you can use today to not just survive but to go ahead and thrive.

Learning Outcomes