Custom Sales Training Programs With Howard Olsen

A Custom Keynote (Your Topic Here)

The Right Message At The Right Time In The Right Way


Every customer is different, so why should every keynote or speaking program be the same? Howard Olsen is known for the high level of tailoring he brings to each custom speaking engagement to meet the individual needs of his clients. Whether it’s about leadership, sales or individual performance, it’s always about delivering an extraordinary experience. Howard designs each custom speaking engagement to meet your objectives and to reinforce the over arching goals of the entire meeting. He has the ability to integrate his message into the rest of the meeting or conference and to stitch his message together with the other speakers. This means your audience benefits from the synergy of all the presentations they hear and reinforces the hard work you’ve done to plan an effective event.

Developing Your Custom Content

Beginning with the Pre-Program Questionnaire, Howard gathers information to help him understand your objectives, your organization, your competitive landscape the attendees and the challenges they face each day.  He next schedules conference calls with you, key players that you want involved including a few participants / attendees of the meeting. After identifying important themes and specific messages you want to ensure get conveyed during your custom sales keynote speaking program, Howard draws from hours of material, 30 years of direct experience and the lessons from presenting to more than 1000 audiences. As a result of this process, you get Howard's best thinking, most powerful illustrations and relevant, actionable ideas.

Topics Of Focus