Custom Sales Team Training

When you engage HiGH OUTPUT Sales Training and Howard Olsen as your sales training partner, you benefit from our proven sales process and our 4D Sales Training Strategy - this is not off-the-shelf  training - Howard adapts his training programs to your specific organization needs and provides follow-up to instill adoption by your participants.   This is Custom Sales Training Tailored to Address Your Greatest Needs.

Custom Sales Training Design

1. Discover: Understanding Your Needs

The HiGH OUTPUT custom sales training engagement begins from the initial inquiry; we're already listening.  In our initial consultations we begin gaining an understanding.  We then use pre-program questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders including participants to understand their areas of greatest challenge and the company’s competitive landscape.  That feedback is used for further clarification discussions and then the program is designed.

High Output’s sales training engagement begins in our initial consultation interviews (we’ve already started!)  We use pre-program questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders to understand the areas of greatest challenge and the company’s competitive landscape.  This information is then used in the formulation of the delivered program.
Howard Olsen designs all training programs around the customer's unique environment and challenges to deliver the greatest result

2. Design: Sales Training Tailored To You

Once we understand  your unique selling environment, jargon, and internal / external challenges we take our sales process framework and customize the program to increase its relevance for you.  We use your language and emphasize those areas that will have the greatest bottom line impact for you.  We'll even create custom modules depending on your specific requirements. 

3. Deliver: Engage Participants & Provide Skills

Delivery Matters   With his positive energy, refreshing candor and unashamed truthfulness,  Howard Olsen  delivers training that engages participants with proven, easy-to-learn and easy to apply strategies they can be implement immediately.   Participants fully immerse in the material to engage and integrate what they learn.  On multi-day programs many participants begin using the methods the first evening and report positive results the following morning!  As we unfold the material each person creates their own unique Sales Blueprint, a complete ready to go to market action plan.

Accelerate your revenue and shorten sales cycles with our proven, field-tested, sales programs that go way beyond "how to sell' and focus more in on "how customers buy".
Deploy Custom Sales Training

4. Deploy: Activate Process & Coach For Results

Upon completion of the program delivery your team members are equipped to position themselves and your company as high value partners and have the skills and the confidence to sell more at higher margin.  Participants can then be given 7 to 10 days to work with the tools and method, before we reconvene online / off-line to determine what's working,  identify improvement areas, provide course corrections and refine what ever needs refining.  Depending on the program we create, this may be the starting point for ongoing reinforcement  and other training modules or we may just put a pretty bow on it!


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