We Are All Selling Something

Nothing Happens Until Something Gets Sold

A Definition of Terms

Selling cannot be defined by one single thought so we give selling three definitions that when taken together begin to express the full meaning of the word:

  1. Selling is helping people make decisions that are good for them.
  2. Selling is articulating your ideas from another person's point of view.
  3. Selling is positive influence with people; it's synonymous with leadership.

Selling is really just the transmission and receipt of information that results in a commitment.  We sell ideas to our kids, colleagues, and bosses, just as we sell products and services to our customers.   We are all in sales in some capacity.

Selling Is Influence. Selling Is Communications.  Selling Is Leadership.

Buyer Behavior Has Changed But Buyer Motives Have Not

Shifts in how organizations, business decision makers, and consumers make purchasing decisions have created immutable shifts in how sellers must go to market and interact with their customers and prospects.   Being good at what you do is no longer good enough.  Sales leaders must remain agile but more than ever, they need to listen, understand entire contexts and communicate from the customer's perspective, addressing combinations and permutations of outcomes & impacts.    You need to know what you're doing... but more impartantly, why... and how ... 

Four Pressures Affecting The Buyer Seller Relationship:

1. Unprecedented Access To Information

Buyers today are armed with more information than ever before.  With the sheer volume of material available, they do extensive research and come to meetings girded with opinions, preconceptions and often misconceptions as to what their need and solution is  before they even begin a dialogue with you; leaving you to defend as commodity broker.

2. Unprecedented Availability of Options

Buyers today also have an overwhelming myriad of options at their disposal, which taken together with the over abundance of information can be outright confounding.  Even simple decisions can become confusing which makes navigating alternatives to the best solution to a problem challenging.

3. Unprecedented Distrust & Skepticism

A recent Gallup Poll revealed that  a staggering 82 percent of respondents are suspicious of big businesses.  The perception of greed, daily examples of corporate malfeasance & scandal and the sheer volume of advertising & marketing messages that bombard us has eroded our faith in open,truthful exchange.  Trust has become our most valuable resource.

4. Decreasing Loyalty

The combination of constant pressure to drive quarterly results, busy business people having to do more with less, and an ever-increasing number of stakeholders collaborating on the buying process has weakened the the strength of personal bonds of loyalty. 

So, what does this mean for building modern selling capabilities?  Well, if you know what you're doing and your intention is right; truly buyer focused, these 4 pressures can work to your advantage.  Today's buyer doesn't want to be sold, they want a strategic advisor who can come alongside, understand their business and the impacts that what you sell will have upon it.   Today's buyer is looking for a partner to help navigate the myriad of choices and to bring clarity to them.  And once you realize you can't sell to a group, but rather you must build trust with each individual in that group, understand and acknowledge their individual perspectives, and bring forward solutions that address each of them, then you can build group trust and win influence while solidifying loyalty.   That's what the HiGH OUTPUT Sales System will cause you to do.

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