Sales Training Programs Designed To Get You Results

The only reason to take a course is to get better at something. We make sure you do.  Learning happens when two things come together: a great instructor to show you the way and you putting in the required effort.  We help with both.  Howard Olsen offers a number of powerful, street smart, results oriented sales training workshops, seminars and programs that ignite your organization’s sales culture and sales results.    All of our programs are Custom Designed around you and employ Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic learning techniques that  address the three primary learning styles. Everything we do harnesses  real-world engaging experiences that that transfer to the field.   

Here Are A Few of Our Most Requested Training Workshops & Seminars:

No Nonsense Street-Smart Sales Programs That Work

The Sales Blueprint: 5 Decisions & The Complete Sales Process


The majority of people in the marketplace today forego ripe opportunities or get stuck in the “price game” because they don’t have a process or procedure to follow.  Most salespeople simply “wing it” on instinct and unwittingly miss critical buying decisions, talk too much and fail to create any differentiation or value.   Based on The Five Critical Decisions  we teach the HiGH OUTPUT Sales System as a series of specific, linked steps proven to help salespeople move through the entire sales process in a way that addresses real-world selling challenges that most sales training never even acknowledges.  With HiGH OUTPUT you’ll always know where you are in the sales cycle and how and when to move forward to the next step. When you follow the process, closing sales is a pressure free, natural conclusion.

Based on The HiGH OUTPUT Sales System  The Sales Blueprint is a full-scale, proactive communication plan that goes way beyond needs-based or consultative selling strategies to merge relationship skills with selling skills.   This sales skills workshop focuses on the critical structure of a sales conversation or customer meeting and provides the powerful road-map for a successful, buyer-focused dialogue.  Our  blue-printed sales process transforms reactive sales efforts into an intuitive proactive system.

The sequentially linked HiGH OUTPUT Sales Process allows salespeople to know where they are at every step in the sale allowing them to move the dialogue in the direction they need - managing the sale becomes much easier.

This framework provides salespeople with a consistent, repeatable process to more effectively execute their sales conversations around The Five Buying Decisions.   We empower salespeople to leverage their technical knowledge to open more doors, better understand customer needs, clearly articulate differentiated value, and close more sales.

Learning Outcomes

  • Shift the paradigm around Professional Selling and explain why it is crucial to creating customer value and winning business
  • Apply the HiGH OUTPUT Sales System to mentally prepare and create a simple call plan before each appointment.
  • Apply the HiGH OUTPUT Sales Process to engage buyers in a customer-focused dialogue, while leveraging their own unique strengths to expand relationships, and increase trust.
  • Apply the HiGH OUTPUT Sales System to employ questioning & listening skills in conversational fashion to surface recognized and unrecognized customer needs to solidify trust and wind more business.
  • Create a succinct company USP (powerfully tell your company story) in the 3rd person demonstrating value in a relationship with the organization.
  • Translate your product / service features into customer focused value statements in alignments with agreed upon needs
  • Apply the Pressure Free Guaranteed Close to reach agreement on appropriate next steps, neutralize objections and position price as a high value proposition. 
  • Close more sales.
  • Create and utilize and completely customized Sales Blueprint - Go To Market Action Plan

Delivery Options

This program can be delivered as  a facilitator led (one day or two day) in-house workshop with 2 days as optimal.   For small companies we also offer periodic Public Open Enrollment Program

The 5 Critical Decisions is also available in it's complete 2 Day format through  our Digital Learning Center making it a perfect follow up and reinforcement program or use it as an on demand new hire indoctrination.

Prospecting With Purpose: The Intentional Pipeline Building Method


Nothing happens until something gets sold but one of the most common challenges in sales is getting new prospects and building a pipeline of people to sell to; prospecting is in fact is the lifeblood of any sales organization.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access decision makers, and prospecting requires a different skill and mindset to sellingProspecting With Purpose  provides a strategic approach that builds trust, adds value to the prospect, and creates a foundation for mutally profitable relationship. Participants will learn how to get in the right mindset to set appointments using the phone, email, networking, and other methods  to  get in front of prospects with a value proposition that begins the sales process positively. 

Prospecting with purpose

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the skills attitudes and specific focus requires to successfully prospect.
  • Harness the strategies and tactics needed to break through to senior-level buyers, set meetings, and create new opportunities.
  • Develop the value proposition that get prospects to want to meet with you.
  • Learn how to steer and direct the prospecting conversation to set appointments
  • Learn best practices for traditional outreach such as phone and email, as well as how to succeed with social media.

Delivery Options

This program is delivered as an instructor led half to full day in-house workshop. 

Also available  through  our Digital Learning Center (coming soon) making it a perfect follow up,  reinforcement or new hire tool.

The Value Prop Workshop: Three Strategies To Differentiating Value


Want to build value in the in the eyes of your customer?  Want to quit playing the price game where the only thing on the table is your price or fee?  It's easy if you know how to build value.

Customers don't buy price, they buy value.  Customers don't buy products or services, they buy outcomes and solutions to problems.  

In this 1/2 day to full day workshop, we'll examine the the Three Key Areas where you can build value from customer's perspective and get the issue of price off the table.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to demonstrate the value in a relationship with you (without ever having to say it)
  • Develop your personal branding statement (tag line) that demonstrates your differentiating factor
  • Apply the HiGH OUTPUT Method to tell your company story as a high value partner or supplier.
  • Turn your product or service features into customer focused benefit statements 

Delivery Options

This facilitator led program can be delivered as a half to full day in house, or sales conference workshop.

On-Site or Off-Site.  In-House | Conferences | Conventions

1/4 Day  |  Half Day  |  Full Day  |  Multi-Day

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The Credibility Factor: Harness The Science Of Influence and Trust


Selling is positive influence with other people and genuinely trying to help them, but the operative question must be:  will they grant you that influence and will they allow you to help them? 

The decisions other people make about you based on their perception determines the level to which they will be influenced by you, cooperate with you and ultimately buy from you. That’s where trust and credibility come in.   In this two hour to half day program we examine  the science of likeability, trust, and credibility and demonstrate how the perceptions that others hold of us are formed, and how to proactively and positively project a favorable image.

Part 1: The Likeability Factor

Don't underestimate the power of your likeability and the power of perception.  Likeability is a direct measure of how others feel about themselves because of the time they spent with you.  It's a precursor of trust, it’s an essential ingredient. The more you are liked the more people will be influenced by you and cooperate with you. We draw on Tim Sanders research and assessment tool to teach you how to enhance four critical elements of your personality:

How is your likeability factor?

  • Friendliness: your ability to project liking and openness to others. Likeable = Safe
  • Relevance: your capacity to connect with others’ interests, wants, and needs. Relevance = Important
  • Empathy: your ability to acknowledge, and experience other people’s feelings. Empathy = Connected
  • Realness: your ability to be authentic and genuine; it’s whole and consistent. Real = Integrity

When you improve these areas and boost your likeability factor, you bring out the best in others, handle life’s challenges with grace, and excel in your daily roles. Learn how to cultivate your emotional talent and boost your L-Factor. The Likeability Factor will show you how!

Part 2: The Credibility Factor And Sales Style Indicator

Not every communicates like you!  Credibility is the level of trust and respect that others have for you and think about you. It exists in their minds not yours!   In this module, we use the powerful Sales Style Indicator (SSI), a self-administered assessment that helps you and your team members discover their natural selling and communication style while instantly providing these same sales professionals a framework to determine their clients' preferred buying styles and identify the gap. In a highly engaging group exercise, participants identify their specific Sales style pattern(s), which assists them to instantly understand their strengths and challenges so they can be more effective with others, regardless of their style. 

Learn How To Sell the Way Your Customers Buy

The Sales Style Indicator

  • Understand Your Natural Selling & Communicating Style
  • Learn Action Steps to Increase Sales Effectiveness With Others
  • Understand Customers' Natural Buying Styles and Where There's A Gap With Your Selling Style
  • Learn To Adapt Your Style And Improve Your Credibility With Your Customers and Others

Delivery Options

This program is delivered as a facilitator led 2 hour to half day live program.  It can also be added in to the Sales Blueprint Workshop.

The Sales Style Indicator  is also available  as an on-line self administered assessment, but it's far more fun to use it as a group exercise.  This is a great program for interactive team building sessions.

Ask And You Shall Sell: Questions, They Are Your Answer


Questioning and listening are the sales professional's most valuable skill (asset).  Two way communication, a free exchange of opinions, ideas, problems, needs, wants and opportunities leads to mutual understanding where real solutions can be formed.

But how do you get your clients to open up?  Easy with Conversational Questions. 


Questions: They Are The Answer

In this half to full day program participants will learn a proven step by step technique they can put into action to open any dialogue and immediately begin build strong connections to sell with integrity and unshakable bonds of trust.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to open any dialogue with conversational curiosity rather than interrogative questioning
  • Understand your clients entire context and how what you offer relates to the whole not just the part, to build higher relevance & value
  • Learn to uncover your clients' biggest problems or challenges.
  • Discover how to seamlessly use questions to re-direct conversations that have gone tangentially off track
  • Develop an effective question map and library of professional selling questions that can be used over and over to guide your dialogue and improve your sales results.

On-Site or Off-Site.  In-House | Conferences | Conventions

1/4 Day  |  Half Day  |  Full Day  |  Multi-Day

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The Guarnateed Close: Closing Bigger Friction-Free


This module selling course is just as valuable for beginners as it is for seasoned professionals.  The course content includes the basics of The HiGH OUTPUT Sales System but focuses on the use of a tested and fine-tuned proven closing process which highlights the value the customer is receiving, allowing participants to close seamlessly without pressure or friction.

The Guaranteed Close System

This proven and fine-tuned technique can be applied to not only close sales, but should also be used to reach agreement on appropriate next steps such as booking follow-up appointments, delivering proposals, and gaining commitment to meet other key stake holders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Shift the notion that closing has to be a high pressure endeavor and demonstrate that it must be a normal and natural concluding point to the sales conversation.
  • Learn to focus on value rather than price and discover how to create that value.
  • Discover how to tie each meeting's close the meeting objective in order to advance the sale.
  • Apply the  Guaranteed Close to reach agreement on appropriate next steps, neutralize objections and position price as a high value proposition. 

Delivery Options

Instructor Led  | On-Site or Off-Site.  In-House | Conferences | Conventions

1/4 Day  |  Half Day  |  Full Day 

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We Offer Multiple Delivery Options To Meet Your Time, Budget and Venue Requirements

Instructor Led Programs

Inspiring Participants To Improve Through Engaging and Relevant In-Person Training

Howard uses a “learning-by-doing” training methodology in our instructor-led sales training workshops, seminars and breakout sessions.  Participants are actively engaged in their own content creation, role play, problem solving, brainstorming, and individual & team exercises and receive intensive coaching and feedback. The combination of application, in-person facilitation, peer feedback, and self-assessment creates engaging, relevant, and immediately applicable learning that accelerates behavior change that transfers to the field.

We immerse participants in the method and use the knowledge they bring to the table,  to engage rather than simply educate.   This ensures participant involvement and buy-in before we build models and teach learning points and allows us to move them to their next levels of excellence with how to practical application they're vested in.

On-Site or Off-Site.  In-House | Conferences | Conventions

1/4 Day  |  Half Day  |  Full Day  |  Multi-Day

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Sales Meetings

Bringing Perspective And An Outside Voice To Your Sales Meetings

Do you want to add some flavor to your sales team meetings?  Perhaps you're not in the market for a full training program but you could use a few new ideas and maybe a couple of "Tweaks".  

Bring in the expert, Howard Olsen.  He'll help reinforce an idea, ideology, method and bring practical insight and perspective to help resolve a challenge you and your team may be facing.   Think of it as a fireside chat or group coaching and brainstorming with a trusted advisor.

On-Site or Off-Site: In Office or Out,  It's Your Sales Meeting

1 Hour | 2 Hour | Full Day

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Digital eLearning Center

Learn At The Speed of Broadband - Equipping Professionals With Everything They Need to Succeed.

The HiGH OUTPUT Digital eLearning Platform is built to engage and equip sellers, entrepreneurs and business professionals with real-time on-demand streaming content that impacts performance and long term success.

Our on-line courses have been described as "It's like having  a Sales Coach In My Back Pocket"   and We've been told: "Even though it's you on video, I felt like you were in the room talking just to me."

Affordable, Accessible and Effective.  Our growing library of sales and personal development training courses is the perfect indoctrination into the HiGH OUTPUT Sales System for independent sales and business people and it's perfect for new hires.   If we've previously trained your team, use our streaming courses to bring new employees up to speed quickly.  It's also a tremendous follow up & reinforcement tool for students we've already trained.

For salespeople that are part of distributed teams spread  across the country, tearing them away from their clients for an extended period of time is simply not an option.    Our purpose built eLearning platform is  mobile friendly and optimizes the learning experience for sellers on the move. Lessons are delivered in self-contained, bite-sized modules of learning that are independent and easy to digest.

Consider A Founding Partner Lifetime Subscription Which Grants You Access To All Current and Future Courses.

Sales Process | Prospecting | Closing The Sale

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Beam Cast® Remote Meetings

Coming To You Via Live Two Way Interactive Video

Using our web conferencing technology, Howard can "Beam In" lve to your department meetings, groups events, conferences and he can facilitate globally dispersed audience meetings with 2 way conversation, presentation sharing all with minimal logistics or technology implications.

Using Beam Cast® you can get all of Howard's enthusiasm, wisdom and (almost) all the energy that he would normally bring to a stage or training room.   With simple projection or TV input and a webcam, Howard has the ability to set up live, interactive presentations where the audience can see him and he can see an assembled group or dispersed individuals complete with full video and PowerPoint presentation capabilities.

This makes short notice meetings possible and greatly reduces logistic and financial implications associated with live presenter events.

Contact Us and Let Us Demonstrate The Simplicity and Power of BeamCast® 

Remote Broadcasts:  In-House | Conferences | Conventions | Sales Meetings

1 Hour | 1/4 Day | Half Day | Full Day | Multi-Day

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