Why Hire Howard

If you’re looking for a major shift in the minds and the performance of your team or audience, Howard Olsen is the perfect fit. 

Content is King but Delivery is Just As Important.   With three decades of experience he has the knowledge, wisdom and innate ability to translate what and why  into how-to actions people are excited to work with.  He knows how to connect!

Howard has has a keen awareness of how to adapt his principles to the nuances and circumstances that make every business unique.  From executive teams to sales teams, and from revenue dependent self-employed to small business owners, bar none, they all speak positively about his truthful, entertaining and high impact sessions that yield results long after the program's conclusion.

Meet Howard Olsen Sales Training Sales Coach

Top 10 Reasons Howard's Your Best Choice!

Whether it’s an hour, a day or a full scale program, you’ll benefit because:

  1. He’s relevant.  Howard is an expert and his broad sales experience and relevant stories from the road give him credibility.  His process works becuase he customizes it to your environment.  Without exception, the groups he works with say the results are amazing and he’s the best they’ve seen.
  2. He gets results.  Howard is a master communicator and his concepts resonate.  Even the most hesitant allow themselves to engage with him and shift their perspectives to generate new results.
  3. He’s done it. From sales rep, to sales manager, from Fortune 500 to entrepreneur, he knows what it takes to drive sales and make a company prosper; he applies it to your situation.
  4. He’s proven. Howard has helped thousands of individuals increase their poise, confidence and sales volume after just one session with him.
  5. He keeps it simple. Howard takes abstract complex concepts and breaks them into simple, easy to grasp actions that transfer instantly to the field.
  6. He’s a synchronizer.  He’s masterful at harmonizing sales teams into unified process and aligning management teams with sales to get you firing on all cylinders!
  7. He’s an action master. The focus of everything Howard does is on practical application.  Theory leaves you with theory.  Howard moves what and why ideas into how-to actions.  Howard delivers results.
  8. He’s genuine and sincere.  He's entirely authentic and his clients  always feel his deep desire to help them succeed.  He’s ever approachable – before, during, and after an event.
  9. He understands your world— Howard has three decades of Global sales experience covering every function from sales rep to sales director and from Entrepreneur to President – he understands the nuances that make every business unique. He knows how companies function and will relate to yours. 
  10. He’s engaging.  Nobody EVER falls asleep or walks out during one of his sessions–no matter how tough the audience. He’s highly skilled at engaging and helping you remember what he has taught.

If you’re looking for a major shift in the minds and the performance of your team or audience, Howard Olsen is The Sales Transformation Expert - He's Your Perfect Fit.

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