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Professional Background

Howard Olsen The Sales Expert

Howard Olsen is President of High Output Training Systems Ltd., a boutique sales training consultancy committed to adding value to people and putting intentional trust, honor and integrity back in the sales process.  Howard is an internationally recognized sales performance expert and highly rated keynote speaker.

Howard’s professional journey began at Danzas / DHL where he became the company’s Top North American Rep shortly after graduating from university.  That early success as sales expert earned him the posting to Hong Kong as North America Key Account Manager, where he spearheaded 300% growth in his first and 2nd year.

From there he was recruited as Global Account Director responsible for the Fortune 500 High Tech Sector.  With over 500 Million in personal sales to companies like HP, Boeing, Airbus, Motorola and Dell, while leading a global sales team, Howard discovered that he was just as good at coaching sales as he was making them. 

In 2000, Howard removed the golden handcuffs and returned to Canada to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures.  He started a marketing company and took it to twenty million in revenue in under 2 years.  It was there, while helping his clients implement strategies to un-commoditize, he realized he was in the training business all along and High Output was born.

A Training Company Is Born

You're In The Training Business ...

Howard Olsen Sales Expert

Rise Above The Noise

Speaker, Trainer, Presentation Coach, Consultant

Howard has the remarkable ability to cut through the noise and create clarity.  He sees  with 30,000 foot perspective  then zooms right in to help you look from your customers’ point of view.  He’s both “Big Picture” and “Detail”, a rare combination that eliminates the irrelevant and connects the dots very few others ever see.   

Sales teams learn to sell value they never realized they had and Executives  sharpen their presentations, benefiting from Howard’s years of presentation skills training.  Nobody can transform an ordinary message into a powerful, persuasive presentation more effectively.  That’s why business, government, and spiritual leaders often call upon him to brainstorm new strategy and help craft their messaging with clarity, power and purpose.

If you’re looking for custom sales training, a keynote speaker or you want to power up your presentation,  Howard delivers powerful action plans you can easily harness to comfortably sell the way your stakeholders naturally buy … Guaranteed!

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