Our Sales Approach

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Custom Sales Training and Speaking Programs

When you engage HiGH OUTPUT and Howard Olsen as your corporate sales training partner, you benefit from our proven sales process and our Custom Sales Training Design Strategy – you don’t get off-the-shelf content; Howard adapts his speaking and training programs to your specific organizational needs and provides follow-up to ensure adoption by your participants.   This is Custom Curated Speaking and Training Tailored to Determine and Address Your Greatest Areas of Need.

Custom Sales Training

Custom Programs Designed To Fit You

Whether It's An Hour, A Day or A Full Scale Program

We Start By Listening And Understanding In Order To Create
Dynamic, Engaging, Relevant Keynotes, Breakouts and Training Sessions Tailored To You


Every engagement begins with interviews, pre-program questionnaires and surveys with stakeholders and participants to understand your challenges, opportunities, goals and objectives.


Discovery feedback is used to customize the program to fit your environment, culture and objectives. We use your language, culture and competitive landscape to craft a highly relevant experience.


With positive energy, refreshing candor and unfiltered truth Howard engages participants, immersing in the material and making it easy to learn and apply.


Where appropriate, we reconvene to determine what's working, what's not, provide course corrections and coach through whatever needs refining.

Giving You What, Why and How!

What And Why Won't Work If You Don't Know How

Many corporate sales training companies can deliver a sales training program.  Most will tell you what to do.  Some might explain why but very few can can actually show you how. 

Howard Olsen has the rare and innate ability to translate what and why into how to do it actions.

Do your salespeople manage the client and sales process or are they simply reacting and “winging it” on instinct? Are their questions thoughtful and relevant? How deep is their discovery? Do they sell based on price or do they make a clear connection between your value and buyers’ needs?  And …. have they adjusted to virtual selling?

Today our Custom Sales Training helps thousands of professionals across dozens of industries around the world navigate the sales cycle and harness a natural, intuitive sales process that can be easily learned and immediately applied. Whether you’re a sales professional, entrepreneur, engineer or business leader… we can empower you to supercharge your sales results, online and off … without pressure, friction or manipulation … Step-By-Step.