Achieve Breakthrough Sales Results With Customer Focused Process

Proven  |  Predictable  | Repeatable

No Two Sales Conversations Are The Same But Your Sales Process Must Be Consistent. 

Our Proven, Predictable, Repeatable Sales System Will Enable You To Sell More, More Often At Higher Margin Without Pressure or Friction.

Accelerate your revenue and shorten sales cycles with our proven, field-tested, sales programs that go way beyond "how to sell' and focus more in on "how customers buy".

The High Output Sales Process Is So Widely Accepted Because It's:


Our system is natural and intuitive making it easy to learn and to apply.

Because It's Logical It Makes Sense

Because it makes sense, it's easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to consistently apply.  With our system, you'll always know where you're going.


We deal in human behavior and plug it into to your unique sales environment.

We Customize To Your Environment

Because the principles are unyielding we can adapt them to your industry, competitive landscape  and unique environment and make them stick.


We instill  permanent, repetitive natural actions focused on everyone's success.

We Wrap It In Real World Application

Rather than simply educating, we immerse you in a real-world learning environment where participants create, practice & apply new customer focused skills that transfer to the field.

HiGH OUTPUT Selling Begins Before You Even Meet A Prospect

The system teaches your salespeople to "Get In The Game" and how to mentally prepare.  They'll learn how to pre-call plan based on the stage of the sales cycle. With HiGH OUTPUT your team will effectively position as strategic advisors when they do get face-to-face with clients or prospects. Your salespeople will learn to ask the right questions, synthesize the answers into a buyer focused solutions and ultimately sell in the way your customers want to buy.

Your Customer Focused Sales Process

Developed by Howard Olsen, The HiGH OUTPUT Sales System is a sequentially linked 8-step selling process wrapped around The 5 Critical Decisions every buyer will make before you can sell convince or persuade them of anything. If you can remember the 5 Decisions, the process will naturally follow. When your salespeople follow this process they develop deeper trust, they differentiate on multiple levels, and they establish higher value to consistently win more often.

High Output Sales System Steps 6

The Customized Sales Structure Designed To Fit Your Environment

The beauty of The HiGH OUTPUT Sales System lies in it's Simplexity.  We break the complex sales cycle into simpler bite sized manageable pieces then reassemble it into a natural straightforward, actionable process you can immediately apply in the field for rapid feedback and reinforcement.

Our simple yet powerful framework focuses on determining each customer's defined outcomes and then using your own information to strengthen your company USP and product / service features into customer driven value statements.  Because we work with your specifics our system can be easily adapted and customized to reflect your organization’s real-world sales environment.


Positively Impacting Customer Results

Delviery Matters!  After two decades we're still impacting customer results with our customized, practical, relevant and engaging programs.  But dont take our word for it -  here's the feedback from actual  participants post workshop surveys:   (98% Response Rate 2015 to 2017)  

Quality of Materials



Respondents rate the quality of our materials as 9.6 out of 10

Exercises & Role Plays



Respondents rate the effectiveness of exercises and role plays as 9.4 out of 10

Presentation of Program



Respondents rate the presentation of the program as 9.7 out of 10

Relevance to Your Job



Respondents rate the relevance of the program to their job as 9.5 out of 10

A Simplified Coaching Framework For Sales Managers

Coach Mentor7

The HiGH OUTPUT Sales System Provides A Natural Guide for Sales Coaching.  Conversations about opportunities are much easier when everyone operates by a consistent process and sings from the same sheet of music with common language.

With just a handful of targeted questions, sales managers can quickly discern where a rep is and identify improvement areas, provide course corrections, and forecast pipeline probabilities more accurately.

With The HiGH OUTPUT SYSTEM  5 questions will get you most of what you need to know:

  • Which step of the sales process are you in?
  • What is the prospect's greatest perceived need, besides price?
  • What commitment did you last mutually agree upon?
  • Who's the decision maker and what is your relationship?
  • What's your definitive next step?

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