The High Output Sales Process

Achieve Breakthrough Sales Results

With The Customer Focused Sales Process

While No Two Sales Conversations Are The Same, Your Sales Process Must Be Consistent. 

Our Proven, Predictable, Repeatable Sales Process Will Enable You To Sell More, At Higher Margin pressure-free because it’s entirely customer focused and it follows a natural conversational structure.

You will Accelerate your revenue and shorten sales cycles with our proven, field-tested, sales programs that go way beyond how to sell and focus more in on how customers buy

High Output Sales Process
The Customer Focused Sales Process

The Five Decisions And You

Every human being makes 5 Critical Decisions in a precise psychological order before you can sell, convince or persuade them of anything.  The High Output Sales System and Our Sales Blueprint gives you a completely tailored process that begins and ends with trust.

Virtual Selling Sales Process

The High Output Sales System

5 Critical Decisions To A Sale

With the HiGH OUTPUT Sales System we take The 5 Critical Decisions every buyer makes and sequence them into a conversational action plan called The Sales Blueprint.   When salespeople follow this process they develop deeper connection, higher trust, they differentiate on multiple levels, and they establish greater value to consistently win more often.

The Five Critical Decisions

Our business development process breaks the sales cycle into bite sized manageable pieces  you can easily learn and immediately apply in the field for instant feedback and reinforcement.

Our simple, natural and powerful framework focuses on determining each customer’s stated outcomes and then aligns your product or service attributes into customer specific value propositions.  Because of this our system can be easily adapted to reflect your organization’s real-world sales environment.

Sales Process

Decision 1

You – Salesperson

Are you here for my reason or yours?  Can I trust you?  Are you here to help me or sell me?   Do you add value t

Decision 1

Decision 2


Who are you? What’s your reputation? Who are your customers? What are you known for and why would I want to work with you?

Decision 2

Decision 3

Product / Service

Does what you offer, fix my problem, address my need want or desire and does it make my life easier?

Decision 3

Decision 4


Does what you offer represent value?  People don’t buy price, they buy value – you must establish it.

Decision 4

Decision 5


Is now the right time to make this decision?  Can you deliver within my time frame?

Decision 5

The High Output Sales Process Is So Widely Adopted Because It's:


Our system in natural and intuitive making it easy to learn and apply.

Because It's Logical It Makes Sense

Because it makes sense, it's easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to consistently apply.  With our system, you'll always know where you're going.


It's a human process we fully adapt to your environment.

Customized To Fit You

Because the principles are unyielding we can adapt them to your industry, competitive landscape and unique environment and make them stick.


Learn, practice, apply natural actions focused on customer success.

Wrapped In Practical Application

We immerse you in a real-world learning environment where you learn, practice & apply new customer focused skills that transfer to the field

When selling becomes a procedure, it ceases to be a problem. When it's not a procedure it will always be a problem.

Sales Process