Meet Howard Olsen

Pre-Program Questionnaire

Pre-Program Questionnaire

Help us help you!  Please fill out this pre-program questionnaire. It's designed to help Howard tailor his content & presentation around to increase the value and relevance of the program for your people. Skip any questions which you feel may be irrelevant due to the nature of your program or duplicate answers already given to other questions. Thank You!

I. Logitistics

Event and Contact Details

II. Audience & Demographics

Who will be in attendance?


III. Your Program

IV. Howard's Presentation

Who Will Introduce Howard To Your Group?

V. Organization Backgroundal & Industry Context

VI. Final Thoughts And Pre-Program Interviews

3 People Howard Could Interview - Pre-Program

Could you provide the names and numbers of 3 people who will be in attendance, that with your permission, Howard could call for a brief interview to get their input as to what they'd like to get from the program? 

Additional Background Info - Help Me Help You!

Please send me as much information as possible to help me understand your organization, your people, your customers, your products & services and your value proposition.


Thanks for taking the time to go through questionnaire. We know it's long and we promise a return on your effort!  Looking forward to working with you and your people!