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Training is teaching someone what to do, why to do it and how to do it, and perhaps when and where to do it.  Coaching is applying that knowledge.  It's helping a person with knowledge attain a higher level of performance than they could have without guidance.  Training and coaching each do fundamentally different things, and each works best when complemented by the other.  Sales coaching and mentorship from Howard Olsen will give you both the knowledge and the guidance in how to apply it for real world sales success.

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Training without coaching simply increases your skills without giving you the opportunity to achieve a level of mastery.  It's the difference between knowledge and wisdom; where knowledge is what you know and wisdom is knowing how to apply it. Think of it like this: a poker champion can teach you the basics of Texas Hold ‘Em, that’s training. But when coaching is applied, you learn the nuances of the game like when to fold, check or raise, and what to look for in opponents; giving you a better shot at winning in most situations.  Get perspective, knowledge and wisdom with sales coaching from Howard Olsen.

Clarify your USP Howard Olsen will help you develop sound sales strategy, and create customer focused value driven mission and vision statements.

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Whether you're entering a new market or responding to a competitive threat, Howard Olsen can give you a 30,000 foot perspective to see a situation for what it is.  He has the remarkable ability to cut through the noise and get to the essence of a matter with just a few questions while always looking through the lens of "What does the customer see in this".  Whether you're redefining your feature set to convey a strong value propositions or need help to strengthen your Vision, Mission and USP, Howard can help you craft it, sharpen it and deliver it with customer-facing focus.

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